And a Half — The Indescribable Difference that Six Months Makes

A photo of W Michael Donovan taken from behind while he sits cross-legged on a rock near the top of a mountain he was hiking as he looks out over a vista of trees far below.

6 Years Ago Today

“And a Half” “And Another Half” “And Another…”

Divergent Paths and the Moments that Cause Them

  • I probably wouldn’t be a homeowner.
  • I probably wouldn’t be heavily involved in the ttrpg community.
  • I probably wouldn’t be a podcaster.
  • I probably wouldn’t have gone into technologies, or launched my own tech startup.
  • I probably wouldn’t have launched a sports journalism website.
  • I probably wouldn’t have made 90% of the art that shapes my existence today.
  • I probably wouldn’t have the same community that I’ve built for myself.
  • I for sure would not have met my incredible wife.

So…What Does “and a half” Mean?

A selfie of Ned Donovan and W Michael Donovan smiling on the street of in Madison Wisconsin in 2015. In the background is the Wisconsin Capital building.
Madison, Wisconsin — 2015



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Ned Donovan

Ned Donovan


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