Finding My Way Back to Myself

Yesterday I officially made an extremely nerve-wracking and exciting decision. I gave my notice that I will be leaving my Executive Assistant job at Dashlane to finish up at the end of January. However I’m not leaving to start in a new Executive Assistant role. As of February 2022, I will be turning my entire professional focus to the whole reason I moved to New York City in the first place. I’m returning full-time to the world of Acting, Writing, and Producing.

After I graduated college in 2012, I made the majority of my living as an artist. I travelled around the country performing. I worked on stage and screen in a wide, exciting range of projects. In 2015 I earned my membership to the Actors’ Equity Association. 6 months later my father’s cancer took a turn for the worse, and I took a break to be with him when he passed. A week after his funeral, they found a tumor in my mom’s stomach and we started the process all over again. In June of that year I tried to return to acting, and during a musical theatre class with Jen Waldman my voice stopped working. Upon inspection with Dr. Linda Dahl, I found out that I had a polyp on my vocal cords and would need surgery. This took my return to acting date to January 2017. One week after I was cleared by my doctors to return to performing, they declared my mom’s cancer terminal. I packed my life into a few boxes, put my acting career back on the shelf indefinitely, and I moved to Maine with my brother, Will, to take care of her until she passed.

In July of 2015 I felt on top of the world, ready to chase my passions and truly build my career as an actor. May of 2017 I had lost both my parents, lost my voice, and lost my will to be professionally passionate. Anyone who has followed along with me in the last few years know that I have continued to act and produce work. There’s a different, however, between chasing it as a career, and making passion projects. Almost 6 years after my father passed away, I’m finally ready to do both again.

I have some really exciting irons in the fire, and I am so thrilled to be able to put my entire attention back to my passions. If you’re looking for an actor, a creative partner, a development producer, or just someone to bounce ideas off of, do not hesitate to reach out. I’m going to be very available very soon.

In the meantime, thank you, thank you, thank you. More to come soon :)

He/Him • Actor • Producer • Co-Founder Audition Cat, Charging Moose Media, Play+1 • Board Member New Jersey Web Festival •

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Ned Donovan

He/Him • Actor • Producer • Co-Founder Audition Cat, Charging Moose Media, Play+1 • Board Member New Jersey Web Festival •