Memories in Third Person

Photos from a scrapbook of the day Victoria was born, including hospital tags, a picture of Victoria taken shortly after her birth, and an announcement card. Across the top of the page are the words “Victoria Hilliard Donovan. March 10, 1987”
The scrapbook my mother kept are my windows to knowing Victoria.

Asking Hard Questions

Getting to Know Victoria in my Own Way

A picture of Victoria in a yellow sweater and stockings next to a giant teddy bear sitting on a couch with flowered green upholstery. Victoria smiles and looks right into camera.
I still have this bear. Another stuffed animal connection I maintain to Victoria.

Managing Others’ Grief in Ignorance

The Moment of Comprehension

A quad photo from a scrapbook. The bottom two are of my father holding Victoria for the first time. The top left is my mother in a hospital bed holding Victoria. The top right are my grandparents and Aunt Carol meeting Victoria and holding her.
Photos from the day Victoria was born.

The Tears of our Parents

An image of an article in two panels. The article is editorial responses to a prompt titled “Are Women Better Doctors?”. A transcript is provided at the bottom of this article.
I’d never read this article before today.

Turning Comprehension to Action

Reconnecting the Dots

A framed photo of Victoria in high chair wearing a plaid dress and smiling into camera while holding a toy. It is inside an ornate pewter frame with Herons on either side. At the top is her name, “Victoria” and at the bottom is “Arrived 3–10–87, weight 6lbs 8oz”
This photo was prominently placed my whole life, and remains so in my home to this day.

Honoring Victoria

A photo of two pictures in a scrapbook. The left photo features Victoria in a high chair being fed. She smiles and looks right into the camera. The right photo is her on the floor next to that same high chair on a blanket, holding a toy and a ball between her legs. She smiles and looks off and up to the side.
These scrapbooks are a window into the answers I always wanted.
A framed photo of a drawing of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. The text reads “Promise you’ll never forget me, ever. Not even when I’m a hundred.”
I have written at length about the power of Pink Bunny in my life. She remains tattooed on my arm.

Transcript of my Pictures Above



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